Fast Track Construction Sees Mere 27.19% Physical Progress After Six Year

Posted: Nov. 20, 2023
  Engineers Nepal

The construction of the Kathmandu-Tarai/Madhesh Fast Track began six years ago. However, only 27.19% physical progress has been achieved within this period. As of the fiscal year 2080/81 (until Asar), the financial progress, including mobilization, stands at 29.32%. The government has entrusted the Nepali Army with the responsibility of constructing this 70.977-kilometer fast track. The government made the decision to assign the army for construction and management  on Baishak 21, 2074 BS. 

The construction of the fast track commenced from Mangsir of 2074 BS. The Detailed Project Report was prepared by the Susun Engineering and Consulting Firm by Chaitra 5, 2075 BS. The same DPR was approved by the government on Bhadra 1, 2076 BS.

On Jestha 2, 2077 BS, an agreement was made with the Korean company Yusan JV to manage the project. On Baishakh 31, 2078 BS, the first ICB agreement was signed with the construction entrepreneur for Packages 1 and 2. The construction began from Jestha 31 of the same year.

It was anticipated that the project would be completed by Mangsir of 2081 BS. However, due to the extended timeline, an additional two years were granted on Baishakh 5, 2080 BS, considering the possibility of unfinished work within the stipulated time. According to the extended deadline, the project is supposed to be completed by Chaitra 2083 BS. However, even with the extended timeline, there's uncertainty regarding the completion of the construction when considering the progress made so far. The work seems to be progressing at a sluggish pace.

This fast track will connect Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Makwanpur, Bara, and other districts. Once operational, it is expected that one can reach Nijgadh (Bara) from Kathmandu in about an hour. The government also believes that this road will contribute to international trade facilitation. The total length of this project, covering 70.977 kilometers, will start from Vindhyavasini Temple in Chitwan and end at Nijgadh.

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