Nepal Engineering Council : Professional Code of Conduct

Nepal Engineering Council : Professional Code of Conduct

इन्जिनियर्स नेपाल |  चैत २७, २०७६, काठमाडौं


The professional Code of Conduct to be followed by the registered engineers of the Council, subject to the provision of Nepal Engineering Council Act, 2055 (1998) and Nepal Engineering Council Regulation, 2057(2000), has been published as the following :



Discipline and honesty : Engineering service/profession shall have to be conducted in disciplined manner with honesty, subject to not contrary to the professional  dignity and well-being .


Politeness and secrecy : In connection with the profession, polite dealing shall be made with the customers concerned with the engineering services, and professional information relating to the customers shall not be given to others except with the consent of the customers, provided, however, that it shall not be deemed to have been restricted to submit such information to the concerned authority as per the existing laws.


Non-discrimination : No discrimination shall be made among customers on the grounds of religion, race, sex, caste or any other things in the course of applying professional knowledge and skills.


Shall have to do only the concerned professional work :- Shall have to do professional works or submit recommendation or suggestions only within the area of subject of study or obtained knowledge or skills. With regard to the works not falling within the subject of one's profession, recommendation of the works shall be made to an expert of the subject matter.


Not to do such works, which may cause harm to engineering professionExcept the salary, allowance, and facilities to be received for the services provided, one shall not obtain improper financial benefit of any kind of conduct improper activities of any kind, which would cause harm to engineering profession.


Personal responsibility : One shall be personally responsible for all works performed by him in connection with the engineering profession .


State name, designation and registration no : While doing signature on the documents or descriptions like design, map, specification and estimate, etc, relating to engineering profession to be done, the name, designation and registration No. should be stated clearly in understandable manner.

No publicity or advertisement shall be made which may cause unnecessary effect :  In connection with the professional activities to be done, no publicity or advertisement shall be  made so as to cause  unnecessary effect upon the customers.


Source: Nepal Engineering Council





Narayan Banjade

April 10, 2020, 12:31 a.m.

Some firms are demanding engineers with inappropriate experience like Chinese language .......does it is compulsory to us to have classes of different language during our study

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